The Art Centre

Recently, I’ve started working as the print-making instructor and administrator at an amazing institution- the Art Centre at Central Technical School. (expect an update on my personal info page soon!) The Art Centre offers one of the few specialized art programs offered through the TDSB. In fact, it is the only visual arts specific program in the city.

Students at this school immerse themselves in the elemental fine-arts disciplines in studio spaces created during a time when the appreciation for the arts, and funding to education was at a peak. The school also boasts a rich historical legacy (eg. Doris McCarthy both attended and taught at the school) and completely unmatched facilities (how many other high-schools have a functioning bronze foundry?)

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The print studio features two intaglio presses and two stone lithography presses. We are in the process of converting to environmentally friendly processes including ferric chloride baths to replace nitric acid; use of acrylic resists; and non-toxic ink (akua).

Finally, one of the most unique features about this program is that it is open to adults as well as adolescents. Adult students attend from 8:45-11:25, Monday through Friday throughout the school yard for an materials based admission fee of only $600.

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Students learn painting, drawing and mixed media in the many vaulted skylit studios.

Limited spaces are still available in one of the one-year program options.  This semester, in “package 2,” students are practicing ceramics and photography. Next semester will focus on printmaking and painting. You can find an admission application on our website or give me a call at work, 416-393-0060 x20100. We will be accepting new applications into October. Central Tech is located in the Annex neighbourhood of downtown Toronto.

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The ceramics program helps students to build basic skills such as hand-building and wheel-throwing before exploring ceramics as a conceptual art form.

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The ceramic studio features the largest gas-fired kiln at any school in Ontario as well as multiple wheels for throwing.

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